Maybe we do more than simply exist? (wow that was soo deeeep)

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We’ve got to keep fighting, we won’t give up until we win. 

"You are made
out of comets
and stars.

Do not surround
yourself with those
that treat you like
dirt and dust."

- Noor Shirazie (via trueheroinex)

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If you think my jokes are bad you should check out my life choices.

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wwf: Living Planet Report case study on the Great Barrier Reef. Local sugarcane farmer, Gerry Deguara, talks about his work and connection with the Great Barrier Reef, Mackay, Queensland, Australia. RID 3879


is this a disney movie

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Leonardo DiCaprio Addresses UN Climate Summit: ‘You Can Make History… Or Be Vilified By It’

Leonardo DiCaprio addressed world leaders assembled for the United Nations Climate Summit early Tuesday morning, urging them to take action to address “the greatest challenge of our existence on this planet.”

See his full speech here.

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