Maybe we do more than simply exist? (wow that was soo deeeep)

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fireflies in timelapse, photos by (click pic) vincent bradytakehito miyataketsuneaki hiramatsu and spencer black

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So today they repealed the Carbon Tax, but this isn’t the end. Obviously so many of our politicians don’t care about our futures. They’ve made their choice, now we will make ours. 


Tony Abbott: leading us boldly into the 16th century

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Wow!! I’ve had the most amazing last couple of days at the AYCC national summit! I’ve met and talked to soo many people from ALL over Australia! And made a few new friends! And they all care as much as me about climate change and the state of the world and they are all doing something about it and it’s just so inspiring!! I love everyone! And I hate the fossil fuel industry!!
This has really brought me down to earth once again about the reality of climate change, and the importance of doing something. We may have lost the carbon tax but there is still hope for a safe climate future and we will fight as hard as we possibly can until we get it. We really can do anything!! The rest of the world is moving forward to tackle climate change and we should be too!! I’m so excited to be involved in our next campaign, which is really important!! everyone should check it out at We’re going to stop that coal port expansion if it’s the last thing we do!!! Because if we don’t, it’s game over for the climate!! If anyone has any questions about the risking the reef campaign (because its kind of complicated) please dont hesitate to message me!! :)

Anonymous asked: You shouldn't delete it. You shared your true thoughts; why would you delete that? I'd like to answer my own question aswell, and perhaps discuss it. I mean, if you want. I don't really know many people who are into these.. I suppose, 'deeper meanings', actually I think 'deeper hypothetics' is a more suitable statement, right? I guess ignorance is really bliss

Yes absolutely! Please tell me what your answers to these questions would be?

Anonymous asked: What's your views on existence? Life, death, the universe. Do you think the mind and body are one? Or are they two different things? Do we have a soul? If so, would that make you more intrigued to the idea of reincarnation? Or are we just some confusing, metaphysical beings who happened to be.. to be, well.. created? I mean; I'm not very religious. Very um, capricious.. about that idea, hahah. But do you think there is a 'higher' being out there? Or are we as you say, simply existing.

Wow, so many questions!!! Curiosity is good! Let me start from the start, though I’m not very good at answering existential questions eloquently, and I’m SUPER tired so bear with. This will probs be a jumbled mess…

I was brought up in a family of scientists, so really I’m tempted to stick to the things we know. But I personally think that each of us is just a member of a species which happened to evolve characteristics that turned out to be favourable and even though we happen to think we are the best species in the universe, we probably aren’t. And we are part of a species which seems to dominate one planet in one solar system, out of billions. We are soo insignificant. And that’s kind of depressing, but It’s likely the truth. I mean, anything else IS possible, but that means that there are infinite possibilities of existence, which is why religion never made sense to me, because there are soooo many different religions and they all have these particular different view on existence and ANY one of them COULD be right, so why would you put your faith in just one?

I do think the mind and body are one. I mean scientifically, our mind is within our brain which is part of our body, right? Hormones from the body shape our thoughts and emotions; they interact with each other for sure. But sometimes it seems like they are different things. I do think you could probably just leave your body with your mind and still be ok. In a spiritual sense, but that’s not really possible.. does that make any sense??

I like the thought of a soul but I don’t really believe in it. I think our bodies and brains are constantly changing, we are never the person we were last year. We take on different perspectives and learn new things. And that’s ok! But yeah I mean we do have soul in a different sense, but not as a separate entity to ourselves? Like it’s who we are I guess. But I don’t believe in reincarnation.

But to answer most of your questions, I just don’t really know what to think because literally anything is possible! For all we know there could be a giant rainbow unicorn crossed with a dugong watching over the universe and controlling everything that comes and goes, and maybe we do have souls and maybe this unicorn dugong puts them in new organisms when we die. Maybe there’s a life after death, maybe we are all dreaming!? You know, I just don’t understand how people can just pick one thing because my unicorn dugong scenario is just as possible. I like to keep a really open mind about this stuff..

I like some aspects of different religions. Not so much their theories of existence, and all the seemingly ridiculous rules, but some of the core values which can help people get through life on this planet in this body, and be “happy” as well as making the world a better place. I mostly think religion and ideas about an after-life are there to make death easier for everyone. To cover up the unknown. To cover up that we as humans don’t know EVERYTHING. Which is fine. Ignorance really is bliss!!!

OK, I think I’ve ranted and gone a little off topic here but yes. I think it depends how you define “simply existing”. I think in the universal sense that’s just what we are doing. Like you know how we see ants? Just these annoying little insects running around like crazy. That’s like us. But to us we are really living and that’s what counts. We define our own purposes and it keeps us here and that’s how it should be, I think. Otherwise what’s the point of life? And what’s the point of not life? There isn’t really one. We have to make it for ourselves.

So that’s about it for now. I hope this made some sort of sense… I’’ll probably read this in the morning and delete it straight away hahaha goodnight lovelies


an abundance of flowers and washing

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"You wrecked me and
I apologized."


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